Jan Dirk van der Klis

Jan Dirk van der Klis graduated at Wageningen University in 1987 on Animal Nutrition and started his poultry career at the Spelderholt Institute. In 1993 he finished his PhD on mineral absorption in poultry in 1993. Van der Klis was involved in the early phytase and xylanase efficacy studies. He has developed the Dutch Retainable Phosphorus System during the nineties.

His major research focus is on feed evaluation and on nutrition and health interrelationships in poultry. He has been working for several Dutch research institutes. Since 2005 he is manager Poultry Nutrition at Schothorst Feed Research. Van der Klis and his team is currently involved in phytase research, in feed evaluation and feed evaluation systems for poultry and research on intestinal health. He is internationally consulting feed mills on poultry nutrition.