Ravi Ravindran

Professor Ravi Ravindran holds a chair in Nutritional Science at Massey University, New Zealand. He has held academic and research positions in Sri Lanka, Canada, USA and Australia, prior to moving to New Zealand in 1998. He has had a distinguished international career in nutritional science, having published in excess of 480 scientific works, including three books, over 200 peer-reviewed publications and over 30 book chapters. Ravindran is an acknowledged authority in the areas of measurement of amino acid availability in poultry and feed enzymes, particularly microbial phytases. His work has addressed various aspects of feed evaluation, feed processing, gut flora management and, digestion and metabolism of amino acids, lipids and minerals in poultry and swine.  In 2011, Professor Ravindran was awarded the ‘American Feed Industry Association Poultry Nutrition Research Award’ for his distinctive work demonstrating sound research in poultry nutrition in the last 10 years. He was named at the 2012 Western Canadian Nutrition Conference as the JM Bell Distinguished fellow, a prestigious award given annually to an individual who has achieved international prominence in animal nutrition.