Dr Réjean Bouchard

Réjean Bouchard, Ph.D. - Assistant Director, Policy and Dairy Production at Dairy Farmers of Canada

Dr. Bouchard obtained a Ph.D. in dairy nutrition from Ohio State University. He graduated from Laval University in Quebec, where he studied in animal nutrition and animal science. His research in dairy nutrition led to the determination of the sulfur requirements for lactating dairy cows, findings that are used worldwide in feed formulation. Dr. Bouchard is currently working on establishing a traceability program for the Canadian dairy industry. He is involved in the development of at the national level on-farm food safety, welfare and biosecurity programs. He is involved in numerous activities and committees of the International Dairy Federation (IDF). Until recently, he was the Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Farm Management. He is involved with the IDF Task Force on Animal Feeding and is participating in the standing committees on animal health, environment, microbiological hygiene, residues and contaminants.