Mr Stephen Woodgate

Stephen Woodgate is Chief Executive of Fabra – the Foodchain and Biomass Renewables Association, a member of the executive board of EFPRA, the association representing by-product processors in Europe, and 1st Vice President of the World Renderers Organisation (WRO).

He is a leading authority on the effective processing of meat industry by-products with specific interest in ensuring food chain bio-security and minimising the carbon cost of meat production.


Stephen was a member of the EU research group that helped to establish the current processing standards for animal by-products in Europe. He has also been actively involved with research to develop and validate species specific tests to enable the re-authorisation of specific animal based products into the food chain. In his WRO role, he is focusing his energies on promoting the WRO as a key organisation within in the global livestock community.

S L Woodgate