Mr Hsin Huang

Mr. Hsin Huang is Secretary General of the International Meat Secretariat (IMS). The IMS brings together meat and livestock organisations throughout the world to exchange ideas on the issues affecting the sector: trade, sustainability, animal welfare, human nutrition and health.

Just prior to joining IMS, Mr. Huang was responsible for climate change analysis in the Trade and Agriculture Directorate of OECD. This included assessing the role of agriculture in climate change, the challenges and opportunities facing the livestock sector, food security and sustainability, and developing a “green growth” strategy for food and agriculture.

Mr. Huang is a past Research Fellow in the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP). In 2011 he was the recipient of the Alan A. Powell Award for his contributions in the GTAP Advisory Board.

Mr. Huang has recently published several articles on climate change and agriculture, and is currently a member of the editorial board of the Journal “Outlook on Agriculture”.