Mr Jeremy Hill

Jeremy is the Director of Research, Science, Technology & Development at the Fonterra Co-operative Group and has previously held a number of senior R&D leadership roles throughout the dairy supply chain including General Manager of Research and Development at the Livestock Improvement Corporation, Deputy Chief Executive of the New Zealand Dairy Research Institute, Fonterra General Manager of Manufacturing Innovation and Fonterra General Manager of Research and Technical Operations.  Jeremy is or has been a member of Fonterra’s Strategy and Growth Leadership Team, Marketing and Innovation Leadership Team, Global Ingredients and Food Services Leadership Team, Regulatory and Food Assurance Council and Sustainability Leadership Team.  He has also served as Fonterra’s Director of Regulatory Affairs and Food Assurance.  Jeremy has undertaken general management training at the University of New South Wales and the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Jeremy has a certificate in Company Direction and is a member of the NZ Institute of Directors.

Jeremy has produced over 100 published papers and four patents and is currently a member of numerous dairy or food related governance groups.  Current directorships include the IDF, Global Dairy Platform and Liggins Institute.