Dr David Bravo

Dr David M. BRAVO received the following degrees: B.S. degree in nutrition (top French engineering University, INA Paris-Grignon),  M.S. degree (honors 1st Class) in molecular physiology (University Aix Marseille, France) and Ph.D. (honors 1st Class) in dairy cow nutrition from AgroParisTech (France). After graduation, he was appointed in In Vivo NSA (France) where he conducted research and expertise on poultry (management, diet optimization, nutrition).  In 2006, he was recruited as head of the R&D department of Pancosma.  Since joining Pancosma, he progressively built a research structure with in house team and external research collaborations. As Research & Development, his interest lays in utilizing basic research in the creation of innovative new products, services and solutions across multiple species worldwide. His research interests are gut communication with its environment including molecular sensing, immunology and microbiome. He authored or co-authored 30 peer reviewed papers.