Mr Piet Kruger

Piet Kruger, born 27 June 1969 in Windhoek, Namibia. Matriculated 1986. Established a consulting business specializing in agro-industrial project development and financing in 1992 and formed part of numerous Namibian/USA project teams that developed feasibility studies and business models that included amongst others:

  • The feasibility of bulk grain storage facilities at Walvis Bay harbor.
  • The establishment of an EU certified export abattoir in Namibia.
  • The development of sugar industry in Namibia.
  • The establishment of a paprika cultivation and processing industry in Namibia.
  • The feasibility of desalination plants in Namibia

Served on the boards of several companies with business interests ranging from the exportation of live animals and breeding material to Europe, food packaging & processing, FMCG etc.

Relocated to South Africa in 2000. Established a mushroom cultivation project that included a modern indoor composting facility. Attended various composting courses including indoor composting tunnel management at C-Point in the Netherlands. Sold the mushroom retail brand in 2004.

2005 – Present: Established Convertech Biological Conversion Technologies, an innovative South African business that develops customized and highly specialized treatment, processing and biological conversion technologies with a strong focus on the development of commercial hydrolyzation and sterilization products and applications. Currently also serves as technical director for Waste Resolution Technologies (Pty) Ltd.