Dr Wendy Wakeman

Dr Wendy Wakeman is an international poultry nutritionist working worldwide for Devenish Nutrition Ltd, by initiating, engaging and being involved in the development of unique nutritional solutions for the worldwide poultry industry she has helped to differentiate Devenish Nutrition in today’s market place.

Wendy gained her first degree Animal Nutrition from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom in 1984 and has since gained a PhD in broiler nutrition specialising in broiler performance, carcass composition and broiler modelling from The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. Other degrees include a business degree in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and more recently a degree in Ceramics art and design from Nottingham Colleges.

Wendy’s previous working experiences have covered the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, vitamin and carotenoid industries.  Wendy gained her PhD in poultry nutrition whilst working as the Poultry Research and Development Manager within Unilever and latterly BOCM PAULS Ltd a position that she held for nearly 10 years.  Her early work experience was in commodity trading and farm feed formulations.