Dr Harnby Norman

Dr Norman Harnby was a Senior Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor in Chemical Engineering at Iowa State University in 1971/72 and again in 1978/79.  For the last 26 years he has directed an annual four-day public course in Powder Mixing Technology in New Jersey for the Centre of Professional Advancement, has featured in virtual, interactive conferences and has acted as consultant and in-house course presenter to over 25 American companies dealing in Powder Technology.

In addition, in collaboration with one major American multinational company, he has developed a computer-based “Powder Mixing Adviser” which is used by them on a worldwide basis for design, testing and teaching purposes.

Dr Harnby has also been awarded a medal and the title of “Distinguished American Engineering Educator” by the American Society of Engineering Education.  On the occasion of the centenary of the Society, the group decided to award one hundred of these medals to distinguished educators, and it is believed that Norman is the only non-American recipient of the honor.