The Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) ) is an initiative of the South African Department of Science & Technology (DST) that came into existence through the promulgation of the Technology Innovation Agency Act No.26 of 2008. TIA’s mandate is to stimulate and intensify technological innovation across all sectors of the economy in order to achieve socio-economic benefits for South Africa and enhance its global competitiveness. TIA provides both financial and non-financial services to support the development, demonstration and commercialisation of research outputs from Higher Education Institutions, Science Councils, Public Entities and private enterprises.

The Agri-Biotech Business Unit
The Agri-Biotech Business Unit’s purpose is to support and contribute to the Agency’s successful achievement of its mandate, by stimulating and
enabling agricultural biotechnology innovations that provide products and services contributing to food safety and security, economic development, global competitiveness and sustainability of the agricultural sector. The Agri-Biotech Business Unit’s has invested ~R350 million in the development and commercialisation of novel technologies such as:
• Beochic – a natural feed supplement and growth promoter in poultry production.
• Molecular breeding of grey leaf spot resistant maize.
• Sterile Insect Technique to control False Coddling Moth pest in citrus