GFFC 2007: São Paulo

The 2nd Global Feed & Food Congress (II GFFC) was presented in São Paulo, Brazil during April 2007. The International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) with technical assistance from the Food and Agriculture Organization/United Nations (FAO/UN) organized the congress which was hosted by the Brazilian Feed Industries Association (SINDIRAÇÕES).  “Sustainability – producing for the well-being of all with quality, safety, responsibility and protecting the environment” – was the main theme developed during the congress.

The II GFFC event joined specialists to discuss relevant topics concerning the food production chain and also made feasible the creation of a Latin American Feed Association (FEEDLATINA) and the new Codex Alimentarius code of good animal feeding. How is it possible to produce food respecting the environment and also guarantee safety and the well being of global population? This was the main issue vastly debated during the 2nd Global Feed & Food Congress Brazil 2007. During three days, around 500 people from more than 40 countries were joined to discuss this main topic during 74 lectures.


Programme highlights

  • Food safety;
  • Social and environmental awareness;
  • The new Codex Alimentarius for Animal Feeding;
  • New guidelines from Codex Commission for fabrication and utilization of animal food;
  • The Feed Manual – IFIF and FAO joined efforts to produce a guideline on general accepted practices;
  • Precision of nutrition – with use of additives as animal feeding supplements – contribute to the environmental preservation; and
  • Planning of the establishment of FEEDLATINA.


Latin American Association

The II GFFC also served as an incentive to start new practical measures. Representatives from FAO/UN and from feed & food industries from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay gathered to define the creation of the Latin American and Caribbean Feed Industry Association (FEEDLATINA). This new organization will act as the ‘spokesperson’ of this industry in the region and its main goal will be to defend its interests among each of their federal governments and the international community of this sector.


Stronger relationships

Flavia Castro, Executive Director of FEEDLATINA (GFFC Organizer, Technical and Quality Coordinator of SINDIRAÇÕES, Brazil in 2007), gives his comments:

“The II GFFC allowed the FAO, IFIF and Sindirações to become even closer. In 2005, organizers, role players and delegates were unfamiliar to each other and were still getting to know the organizations, researchers and businessmen from the different countries which belong to this networking too. To some extent, this happened thanks to the discussions to define the event’s technical program and to our directors working so closely with the IFIF Board of Directors. Besides, we have been constantly in touch with FAO to debate the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices and food safety in Latin America and all over the world.

The advance regarding the themes – Food Safety and Security in 2005 and Sustainability in 2007 – was also a great challenge. What was unknown up to a couple of years ago is now a fundamental condition for us to keep producing”.


Congress numbers

Participants: 500

Countries represented

South Africa, Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, El Salvador, Ecuador, USA, France, Hawaii, The Netherlands, England, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Panama, Peru, Singapore, Uruguay, China, United Kingdom and others

Lectures: 74

Brazil: 32

Other countries: 42