GFFC 2010: Cancún

The 3rd Global Feed & Food Congress (III GFFC) was presented in Cancun, Mexico during April 2010. The International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) with technical assistance from the Food and Agriculture Organization/United Nations (FAO/UN) organized the congress which was hosted by the Mexican Feed Industry Association (CONAFAB).  The Food Chain – “From Farm to Fork” – was the main theme developed discussed during the congress.

The III GFFC event joined food and feed specialists to discuss topics concerning the food production chain and in particular all the different links in the food chain. III GFFC was attended by 350 delegates across the globe. The initial suppressed and worried mood of congress organisers of III GFFC due to the eruption of the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud that closed down northern European airports during the time was however short lived, with modern technology showing its full potential.

Of the approximately 18 speakers that couldn’t make their way out of Europe, all presentations were presented but one. With the aid of television conference and satellite conference link-ups, these 17 presentations were presented to III GFFC participants.

Despite the events surrounding the volcanic eruption, III GFFC can was described as a success and a proof what can be done in a case of extreme challenges.

Programme highlights

  • 1st Latin-American & Caribbean Regulators Meeting;
  • Global Programmes to ensure food security and safety;
  • Animal Health and Public Health;
  • The Bio-technology impact on Agribusinesses;
  • The World Renderers Organisation Seminar; and
  • World Feed Regulations


Participants: 350

Countries represented

South Africa, Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, El Salvador, Ecuador, USA, France, Hawaii, The Netherlands, England, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Panama, Peru, Singapore, Uruguay, China, United Kingdom and others

Lectures: 52

Mexican: 9

Other countries: 43