Dr Jeffrey DeFrain

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Research Nutritionist

Dr. DeFrain was born and raised on a dairy operation in Nebraska, U.S.A. and earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in animal science from Kansas State University, U.S.A and his Ph.D. in animal science from South Dakota State University, U.S.A.  His M.S. thesis focused on the development and evaluation of a pelleted feedstuff containing soybean hulls and corn steep liquor for lactating dairy cattle diets.  During his doctoral research, he conducted a series of experiments to evaluate the effects of diets formulated to increase the supply of ketones or ketone precursors on the carbohydrate status of transition dairy cows.  Prior to joining Zinpro, Dr. DeFrain was serving as an on-farm nutritionist for a multi-site dairy operation in the U.S.A. milking approximately 20,000.  His duties at Zinpro include overseeing dairy research projects and providing technical services and support to the Western United States, Middle East, and South America.