Dr Pierre Cronjé

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Pierre Cronjé is an R&D consultant who specializes in applying recent advances in biochemistry and physiology to develop solutions and products for the livestock industry. His background experience includes roles as a research scientist in ruminant nutrition at Irene Agricultural Institute, associate professor of animal physiology at Pretoria University, CSIRO fellow working on fetal programming in sheep for CSIRO in Perth, Australia and senior research scientist working on heat stress in cattle for CSIROin Rockhampton, Australia.His recent projects have included biological partitioning of environmental costs for wool life cycle analysis,reappraisal of the potential of dietary fatty acids to ameliorate heat stress in poultry, the methyl-donor requirements of pigs and the implications of new developments in research on AMPK for the use of betaine in the livestock industry. He currently resides on the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane, Australia.