Dr Xandra Smith

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Dr. Xandra Smith started her career at the Agricultural Research Council, South Africa, developing a probiotic to prevent acidosis in cattle. In 2002 she completed her Ph.D. studies at the University of Illinois, USA where she determined the effect of dietary tannins on gastrointestinal tract microbes. She studied the bacteria causing anthrax and Lyme disease during her postdoctoral fellowship at South western Medical Centre, Dallas. In 2007 she joined Agtech Products as Ruminant Research Director. Agtech provided innovative microbial solutions for the challenges facing production agriculture and was acquired by Danisco in Oct 2008. Probiotics to reduce scours in calves, increase milk production in dairy cows and reduce methane in beef cattle (WO 2012/149159) were developed during this time. DuPont acquired Danisco in 2011 and Dr Smith became a Principal Scientist in Genomics and Ecology of Microbes using Next Generation sequencing to understand the complex interactions between microbes and their environment in order to provide microbial solutions for both food and feed applications.